Do you run a small music venue? Would gaining business skills and insights help you and your venue grow and become more self-sufficient? Could accessing finance help your cash flow, enable you to buy a new PA or renovate your premises? In a brand new partnership initiative with the Music Venue Trust, members of the Music Venues Alliance Trade Association are able to benefit from: - Up to 16 hours 1-to-1 time with your own business advisor - Brushing up your business skills in workshops covering Business Planning & more - Becoming ‘investment ready’ to access loan finance from £2,500 upwards

Sarah Thirtle, Head of Business Lending Programmes at Creative Industry Finance
We look forward to getting to work with some of the passionate and dedicated music venues owners, manager and promoters from across England so they can secure and grow their businesses.

Sarah Thirtle - Director of Business Support Programmes

What can business support do for you?

  • Enable you to become resilient or ready for growth
  • Help you create or strengthen your business plan
  • Increase your understanding of routes to finance