Blank Inside is a design company that focuses on colourful illustration that often features a witty caption. The product range includes greetings cards, wrapping paper, art prints, notebooks, mugs, homeware and accessories.


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Founder Liz told us: "The idea for Blank Inside started when I moved to London in 2008 and whilst looking for a job and working unpaid internships. It meant I had absolutely no money, so I used my skills to paint prints and cards for my friends and family for their birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. 

"I decided to create a brand for my cards; Blank Inside. It seemed amazing to me that no-one else had a card company with that name so I registered the domain and Blank Inside was born.

"I could talk through any problems and obstacles that I was facing with the business and receive sound, relevant advice"

- Blank Inside

"I got in touch with Creative Industry Finance because I wanted to receive the mentor support. I wanted to gain an idea of what second tier funding meant and be advised as to whether my business could be supported. I was attracted to the seemingly too good to be true free business support - such a fantastic resource! 


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"I have received invaluable support from Abigail, my Business Advisor, whom I have total respect for. I could check in with her each month to not only go through my business plan and application for finance but also talk through any problems and obstacles that I was facing with the business and receive sound, relevant advice.

"In the future, of course I’d love to see Blank Inside in shops around the world, but I really want the business to be more than just a nice illustration. I’d like it to be multi-dimensional design that can work to help the environment and be involved with charitable projects too. I’d love to be involved with inspiring and mentoring young businesses as well.

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