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Our touring output has increased enormously and as a result we are able to pay our artists more and be more ambitious

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Requested documents:

  • Business plan (you can attach a working document).
  • Last year's financial statement
  • Cashflow projections for current year

Our templates can help you

On the Creative Industry Finance programme you will be able to work further with a business advisor to complete or strengthen your business plan before moving on to the loan application stage.

Business plan

We need to understand your business in order to help you finding the right advisor and the appropriate lender to support your business. We don't need a full detailed plan, it's enough for us to have a rough idea.

Business plan template

Financial statement

This document will help our advisors have a better idea of how your business can be improved and whether or not you will need financial help.

Financial statement

Cashflow projections

If you do have projections of the financial future of your business, do let us know. This information is really helpful to understand your goals and priorities.

Business projections template

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Business events and workshops

Our events and workshops may help you with the application preparation.

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